WTF is Ayurveda?

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Ayurveda is something I was turned onto when listening to an Almost 30 Podcast with Sahara Rose. It is an ancient (5,000 year old) Eastern Medicine tradition. While in our world, medication is the cure all....Ayurveda believes in using the Earth to heal us. Instead of pills, they look at our energies and figure out what foods are best for you, what grains you should stay away from, and if you're feeling sick what herbs to take, teas to drink, ways to move your body etc. Each body is made up of three energies or doshas, all which are good just differ in rank depending on your own body and mind. Our goal is to be tridoshic, having all the energies even. Once you have your energy figured out, there is a whole world of what foods to eat, what things to avoid, best ways to relax, easiest ways to workout, etc.

As soon as I heard this podcast I listened to it 2 more times. I wanted to soak it all up. Then I went to my podcast app and find The Higher Self podcast. In this one Sahara Rose speaks all things and as the modern day voice of Ayurveda it is pretty prevalent in each episode. I was addicted. I may have been the kid in class who was smart but didn't try too hard unless I was super interested in it. Well I then visited Amazon and bought books about this new, interesting, sexy topic. Yes, to me Ayurveda is super sexy. Why? Thanks for asking....

I have learned about tons of diets, new fads, nutrition plans, etc. I love the new recipes and the communities behind each. But for the FIRST TIME, Ayurveda connected what I ate to how I felt...mentally, emotionally and physically. It all lit up like the brightest light bulb I have ever seen. I never realized how intricately connected we as humans are to ourselves, our neighbors, our communities and especially our world. It is so SEXY to know your body. It is SEXY to discover what works for your body, what foods instantly pisses your stomach off, what foods/drinks instantly make you feel like you ate 24 pounds of bricks, and what exercise, meditations, etc. lift your soul and mood so quickly. SEXY. Maybe our versions of sexy are different, they probably are and you probably think I am the biggest weirdo ever. I am totally okay with that because I LOVE this tradition. I love that the fitness and health world that I exist in, promote, and follow has space for me to learn more and add this into my daily life.

I always understood that exercise went with nutrition and that mentality works closely with how you move your body. But Ayurveda makes it all so clear to me. What you eat, how you exercise, and how your level of mental health are all for one and one for all. Like the 3 musketeers. Always working together to help create the best version of yourself.

So, naturally I love this lifestyle. I try to follow it as closely as possible, however I still have my vices. I am learning daily and that is what this space is for. One day I was searching on the line for a quick, simple guide to Ayurveda that condensed all the things I knew...but that I could keep with me and refer to quickly when looking at what foods I needed to have to best fuel my body. I searched for 2 days, went to some strange kind of on topic places, found some wonderful resources but I couldn't find exactly what I imagined. So, I made one. If you are interested keep following along as I make it easy for you to access yours and to join me on this journey!

So, naturally I love this lifestyle. I try to follow it as closely as possible, however I still have my vices. I am learning daily and that is what this space is for.

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