Top TEN Things About Me....

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

I wanted to share some fun facts about myself so you can get to know me a little better!

1. I am married to a super handsome, sweet, funny man. We got engaged on New Years Eve and married the next year on New Years Day! (We love the "newness" of a New Year!)

2. I have two beautiful puppies! Bella who is 12 and Ditka who is 5.

3 Despite my dogs name (Ditka) I am a cheesehead through and through! There are two days a year in our house that my husband and I get to trash talk each other and our teams. Besides the Packers, I root for every other Chicago team! GO CUBS!

4. I am an AWFUL liar. I smile from ear to ear, I think I am playing it cool but my face takes over and I am definitely not playing it cool.

5. I love Harry Potter and wanted to be Luna Lovegood when I grew up (I still kinda do).

6. ELF is my favorite movie of all time, any time, any place if it is on I will watch and giggle my way through the film.

7. I am obsessed with flamingos. I love them, they are so pretty, and so pink! They are just fucking magical!

8. Cuss words are like music to my ears!

9. I am competitive....about most things. I will race to put dishes or groceries away. Luckily my husband is smart enough to have me compete in quite productive chores.

10. I LOVE being home. My house is my safe place and if I had to choose between a night out or a night cuddling with my dogs, these sweet pups win most of the time! This is also something I want to work on in enjoy life more and make my friendships a priority because they are so important!

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