Turkey Pumpkin Chili

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Everyone has one recipe that they go back to time and time again! This one is a favorite in our household. Yes, I had to make it and serve it to my husband as if it was just normal chili and sure, he asked some questions. But since that first fateful day I made this recipe, it makes at least a monthly appearance in our house from October to March!

First things first, add some VEGGIES to your chili! It makes so much difference and it has such a fresh, crunchy flavor that adds so much to the overall pot of goodness. Here are the ingredients I use:

1 Red Pepper

1 Green Pepper

1 Red Onion*

2 cans Diced Tomatoes and Green Chilies

1 can Great Northern Beans

1 can Kidney Beans

1 can of Pumpkin Puree (not pie filling)

2 lbs. Ground Turkey


Chili Powder*



Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Big Pot to cook chili in

First, we chop the peppers and onions. Then we splash a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil into the pan on the stove, once it is hot add the peppers and onions to sauté. While these are sauteing now is a great time to bust out that can opener and open all of your cans. I drain both of the beans but do not rinse them.

After about 4 minutes add your ground turkey to the pot with the peppers and onions. This will take about 10-12 minutes to cook your ground turkey. Once it is cooked, you can add in your canned goods! Be sure to mix them all in well. Add the pumpkin puree last, and watch as this lump of vitamins turns into a golden bed for the rest of the chili.

I do not measure spices (sorry not sorry!) so add each of these to taste: Paprika, chili powder, cumin. When adding the cinnamon you do not need alot, but it pairs so well with the heat from the other spices and the pumpkin! Add a little and taste it, you can always add more.

Let the soup simmer for about 25 minutes to let the flavors melt together. Scoop into bowls and top with plain greek yogurt (healthier option), sour cream and some shredded cheese!

If you are trying out an Ayurveda nutrition plan, please omit or use in moderation these for each dosha:


Moderate or Omit red onions, paprika, and chili powder


Use 1/2 a can of pumpkin puree


Moderate or go light on Chili Powder

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