Dosha, Dosha, Dosha

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

While studying Ayurveda and literally soaking it all up, I find myself saying this a lot. It goes great to the "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha" tone from the famous Brady Bunch. It helps remind me to think of my dosha (dominate energy force) before eating or reacting to things.

I am a Pitta, damn I am a pitta! I get hangry (don't fuck with my food man!), I am stupidly competitive sometimes, I am passionate, if I want something I do mantra "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission." I am full of fire and thought that was just how I was. But since discovering this very realistic summary of my digestive fire, my attitude, and my reactions to situations I have become much more aware of myself.

About a year ago I was taking classes with one of my friends, cycling, yoga, hiit class, sculpting, you name it we probably took a class doing it! One day after class I was being such a dick to myself, why couldn't I burn as many calories as her? Why wasn't I getting as good of results? Why didn't I enjoy it as much as she did? It became a sad, pathetic, and a completely unnecessary pity party. Luckily, I realized real quick that this competitive side was not okay or healthy and that I did NOT want to compete with my friend. So, I backed off of working out with her....

I was too embarrassed at first to tell her that for some reason I could not NOT compete with her, I felt like a complete asshole. I retreated back to what was working for me before and I dove in hard. I had to realign my mind. I hated that I was so jealous and envious (common side effects with your pitta is out of balance) of a girl I adored and one of my best friends. I started to read more personal development, meditating more, and that all helped some. But when I heard about Ayurveda and how all of this connects, I was almost in tears.

As I reflected on my life, I found competition to be a common dominator. Was I always so competitive about the dumb stuff? I really hope not, but I am sure I oddly was. My body type naturally competes, it goes hand in hand with passion and the go-getter mentality. It felt like the first time my actions and mind made sense to me. I learned that when I was competing

with my friend in those workout classes, I also wasn't being present. Instead of using that space and time to better myself and clear my mind, I was letting my insecurities out of the flood gates. I have now learned how to tame my fire so that it can help warm others instead of keeping people out due to extreme heat.

Yes, I still compete like a champ at Wii Sports and unloading groceries. But, I have learned that the only person I want to compete with is myself. I want to to strive to be better daily, to work harder, to make my goals a reality. And with my natural love of helping others, I now can help encourage, motivate, and share some inspiration with others much better as I cheer them on.

As I continue to learn more about Ayurveda, the dosha's and how my mind and body work I will always be adapting. I think that is such a beautiful thing about learning....we always get to evolve and grow. Here is to turning my competition side into passions and dreams into my new reality!


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