For a stress-free life, try exercise?

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Stress free? Yeah, I can't promise a stress free life. But I can help you find the tools to begin to have a stress-less life! I have read books on stress, tried meditations, taking days to rest with my TV, worked out, ran, drank wine. I have tried lots of things....

While all of them work to an extent. I have found that committing to something for 4-6 weeks has become my go to for stress relief and taking care of myself. Beachbody has tons of programs that range from 21 days to 80 days. I try to start a new challenge each month because I can do anything for 30 days right? YES! You can too!

So when I start a new workout program the Pitta* in me takes over. I break out my planner and write each workout down for the next 30/60 days. I make a plan to schedule workouts with myself (a lesson I learned from the Grinch, "Dinner with myself, I can't cancel that again!"). I plan out my rest days, mostly so I can look forward to doing a local Yoga class. I am not always the best at following this schedule to a T. I tend to get easy distracted, thanks Vata* Mind! But I try my hardest. I know how I feel each day when I workout and I know how easy it is for me to sink into this rythme of laziness when I skip a workout or two.

I have had to learn how to make myself a priority, which is HUGE. Because as humans we are always helping others, doing at least 10 things at once, and we have a HUGE social media angel on our shoulder helping us compare our lives to others! HOW FUN! I got so burnt out a few years ago from social media. So, naturally Instagram and I had had to go on a break when I continued to look at posts with jealousy and nastiness instead of supporting other hard working chicks.

I am happy to report that my nasty attitude has now turned into GET IT GIRL! I am thankful for that period of time because I thought me so much about myself and how important a support system is! Whenever, I chat with ladies about their health and fitness, my passion is to help them get going where they want to go. I have been stuck in that place before and that gives me more empathy and passion to help others out of it as well. I love helping people figure out their nutrition plans, their energies, how to meditate, and what workout program to tackle next. I do love my system and encourage everyone to try it out, however I will never say something is wrong or stupid if someone is loving what they are doing. They are on their own journey too! (UNLESS someone is hurting themselves or someone else of course, my oath is to cheer them on.)

Taking time to move each day helps clear my mind, boost my confidence and self esteem (because I can do hard shit!), and helps set my day up for success. I truly believe in the power of sweat and its magical side effects, hello endorphins!

*Pitta and Vata are two of the Ayurvedic doshas (energies) you can read about in "WTF IS AYURVEDA?"

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