Most mornings I wake up tired (see previous post about my newborn 12 year old dog). But I try to get up at 6/7 a.m. to start my day. I have tried tons of ways to start my day, but seriously since studying Ayurveda none of the morning rituals I had stuck or made much sense in my life. Yes, they were ways others have succeeded in their days..but for me it was not a match.

So now each morning I start with going to the bathroom (duh!) but I felt I needed to say that for some reason. I then scrape my tongue. I use a tongue scraper I got on Amazon. I stick out my tongue and scrap from the back to the front 10 times and rinse it off with warm water each time. Overnight we get lots of bacteria landing in our mouths and housed on our it is a good way to clear out your mouth in the morning. ALSO, according to Ayurveda our tongues are connected to our organs...and by doing this you are gently massaging each organ in the morning. Hello inside of my body! Wake up!

After tongue scraping I brush my teeth. I want to clear out my mouth and make sure my breathe is as fresh as next comes oil pulling! At first I gagged....I was not a fan of oil pulling. But I promised myself I would try it for a week and see if I could tell a difference. Since I am a Pitta, I use coconut oil. If you are a Kapha or Vata you should use sesame oil (it is warming). If you don't know what those words mean, shoot me a message and I'll help explain it a bit more :) So I take a teaspoon of coconut oil and melt it in a shot glass...then I swish it around like mouth wash from anywhere from 3-15 minutes. I do tons of stuff while oil pulling like unloading the dishwasher, changing into workout clothes, cutting veggies for the day, picking up the house, prepping for the day, making lists, etc.

Once I spit out the oil (usually into a paper towel that I then throw away), I rinse with warm salt water. It is quite cool to see the difference, it comes out cloudy and you can see all the stuff you are ridding your body of. Oil pulling is similar to using a mouth wash, however it removes the bad bacteria and leaves the good bacteria. Alcohol based mouth washes kill all of the bacteria good and bad. I have also noticed my teeth are whiter, my breathe is fresher, and my body feels healthier.

After my tongue scraping, teeth brushing, and oil pulling I meditate. I take a few moments to breath each morning, sometimes it is 2 minutes others it is 15. It depends on my day, if I am running late (an awful habit of mine), and how I feel. I use Insight Timer and love the guided meditations they provide. After meditation I usually drink my pre-workout and get a book or my laptop ready. I then either work for 15 minutes or use that 15 minutes to read a personal development book.

My plant based pre-workout kicks in about 20-30 minutes later and I try to be downstairs in my space ready to press play. After a hard workout, I usually take a few minutes to breathe and stretch (unless I am running late and I run to the shower). After a shower, I make breakfast and get started on my day.

I have found that this is the way my mornings flow and work best for me. Everyone is different and everyone has a different morning mentality. I do not have kids to chase around or to get ready for school, but I will stress the importance of taking time for YOU each day. I have learned it is so hard to help fill others up and you are depleted yourself. So making time for myself has become my morning priority!

Hope this was helpful in some way and leads you to a path that makes your mornings brighter.


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