Mistakes, Mess ups, and Meal Prep

When I first started meal prep, I would scour through Pinterest to find the best looking recipes, which always failed to look as they should have. I also did not pay attention to the nutrition of the meals I was making and we were putting into our bodies. While I still am a HUGE fan of chip dip for dinner, I also am well aware the nutritional value is about 0. Well it's lots of the bad stuff....but so good!

I graduated college and quickly jumped into the world of working. I started out in Social Work and loved it. My heart bleeds for others and being able to help families come back together with better plans, skills, and methods was a dream. While the dreamy-ness of the job quickly faded and became more and more heartbreaking the time I had to stop and eat meals stayed the same. My car was my office essentially, which made fast food my BEST FRIEND! As the time in my car went up so did my weight along with my desire for all things fried and greasy. So, I started to workout out because that is what I always had to do when I was in high school and college. Just run some more and it all works out. Right? So wrong. Mid-20's, sitting and driving most of the day metabolism is so different than active in sports high school/college metabolism.

Luckily, I started to learn this as I transitioned to working in Youth Ministry. If you don't know me, let me explain the confusion. My favorite words are all 4 letters long and sound so beautiful when folks from the UK say them. My sense of humor is a little twisted and my quick banter was always having to be monitored, for example Rat Farts became my go to expression so I did not cuss in front of youths and I had a few parents ask me what it was when their kids repeated it at home. BUT I loved my job. I loved working with middle schoolers and high schoolers. I got to help them figure out how faith fit into their worlds and I loved that each human had a different connection to it and a completely new view on faith in their life. I grew up super active in church and it was my home base for friendships, relationships, and my safe place growing up. I wanted to help provide that space for others. So long story short, I did and it was epic. But while I was more active, my eating habits were still needing some work. I tried so many different programs and methods to help improve my eating behaviors, but nothing stuck for me. Then one day, after feeding into a frenzy of comparison of other girls doing a "Love Yourself" Challenge I felt completely lost. Why wasn't I seeing results? Why wasn't I feeling the way other girls seemed to be feeling? I got super sick of not "loving my body" and I signed up with some girl (who I insta-stalked for a year or so) on IG for a challenge group.

That day, I got introduced to Beachbody and a whole new world of things. Yes, I am now a coach with Beachbody and yes I do love their workouts (my husband does too). But what I love more, is that their way of educating humans on nutrition--it is magical. It was the only thing that stuck to me and made sense. It was/is the only program I could actually use. I like structure, even when I think I can do it on my own...I thoroughly enjoy having the answers already. So for that reason, Ultimate Portion Fix has become my go too. Instead of eye balling how many veggies, carbs, proteins I should be eating, I have learned to measure them out. Not only did this help me lose 30 lbs and keep it off, it taught me the importance of food and how it can nourish my body, no just fill my stomach. Each day I also have a shake (I drink Shakeology) that is filled with dense nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. Yes it has protein, but it is so much more. I have had it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert! Being able to have a healthy relationship with food has been my greatest struggle in my adult life and I am so thankful that I have found a solution that works for me and is easy to maintain. This is a lifestyle, not just a fad diet.

Also, just to keep this shit real. I do not follow this ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Yes, I have a shake every day. Yes, I follow workout programs and try to workout each day, but no one is perfect and I would hate for someone to think that I can't be a normal human who dreams of Vanilla Coke. Too much structure makes me fail, I literally have to rebel against it. I follow this about 80% of time, I still enjoy pizza and beer nights, wine, ice cream and I am making my mom's chocolate cookies tomorrow (and you know there is nothing healthy about them). I have tried to go all in on so many diets/fads/meal plans and being on 100% of the time is an impossible goal for myself. I drive myself crazy, it brings out the negative self talk, bad eating habits where bingeing is acceptable, and so I just don't do it anymore. Instead I focus on make healthy choices each day, and if I want to enjoy chip dip for dinner....I will dip my heart out. I know that tomorrow is a new day and that I can restart tomorrow.

Like I said, this has been the best solution for ME. If you have struggled with finding a healthy relationship with food, try it out. I know this is not that end all be all answer for every human. I have tried more things than I would like to admit, but for me this has been a wonderful tool. If you are not a fan or this program, that is okay. I hope that you have found something that allows you to learn and education yourself as well as nourish your body. We are all different, but my goal as a coach is to help others find what works for their bodies, minds and souls.

With light and love,



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