Ready, set, nope.

Ever have those days when you have big plans, great goals and things to accomplish and when you wake are just meh.

I am definitely having one of those days today. I love this new workout program I am doing, it's hard but after 20 minutes...I am done. So by the time I want to throw something at the TV, quit on my workout, or puke...I am stretching! It is pretty perfect.

This morning I went through my morning rituals tongue scraped, brush my teeth, oil pulled, set an intention for the day, read my morning devotion, and even worked a bit. I chugged my liquid gold, go-go juice, to give me energy for my workout (which usually leaves me with a parade of tingly feelings about 20 minutes later) and NOTHING. No tingles, no extra umph...just me. I would like to take a second to blame my ovaries.

So I checked into my accountability group and saw other ladies had already gotten in their workout today. You see, we all hold each other accountable and promise each other to do our best to follow the schedule for 6 weeks. So, I finally went downstairs, got my shoes on and pushed play. It was a rough 20 minutes I just ate a box of girl scout cookies and had to chase down more kind of breathing...loud, uncomfortable, and just nasty. How was I out of breath in 3 minutes?! How was I going to survive 20?!

I did not eat a whole box of cookies...kinda wish I did. I literally laughed out loud at one point and in a completely exhausted whimper tried to shout, "HELP ME!" to my legs. Everything was slower, tougher, and I was dripping sweat everywhere, it felt as if I was working out in mud. I think my legs might have even started to grow roots in the floor because it took everything I had to move them up and down today.

The craziest part is each week we do 3 moves that we have to keep track of our reps on. So weeks 1-6 we do the same moves every Monday, the same 3 every Tuesday, etc. I still beat my numbers from last week and when I compared my week 6 numbers to my week 1 numbers....HOLY SHIT! It was AH-MAZING to see the change and growth in myself in 6 weeks. AND I felt like dog poop today, felt like I was driving the struggle bus through Mudville, and I still saw results.

It is amazing to me how powerful we can be when we allow ourselves to be challenged. Growth does not always happen when we are feeling like fucking superwoman, it happens when we show up each and every day! Some days are so much easier than others, but that is when having a community of motivating, like-minded individuals help out! That is why I do what I do, to help encourage and push that struggle bus up a hill when someone needs help. Checking into that group this morning literally pushed me up the hill today, they have no idea how much I was struggling today but because they showed up for themselves, I knew I had to show up for me.

I joined as a coach to be more accountable because in the past I would have just napped, skipped my workout (which please do if you need a rest day, it is super important) without a second thought. But now IT IS MY JOB. I definitely don't quit on something a boss would ask me to accomplish, so this chick doesn't quit on herself.

BEST PART: You can join us too! If you need a community of health, happiness, motivation, and encouragement reach out to me. YOU CAN SWEAT WITH US!


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