Starting over again...

Do you ever get in a great routine and feel so good about your new lifestyle?!? Girl, I have been there 100 times. But somehow every time I am feeling great, something happens and sometimes it's not even anything extravagant....but it causes me to fall out of my regualar routine and rebound hard with some of my exes. Let me introduce you to them: Binge eating, drinking all the beer, whining about workouts and then usually avoiding them, eating all the carbs and like 2 bites of veggies like a toddler (green is bad). These become guys, are my strong and steadies. You see, these are habits that I have ultimately kicked....until I get uncomfortable and then I know these trusty little guys are always there.

So, here I am starting over again. It is not the first time or the last, I wish I could promise myself I won't fall off the wagon ever again, but come on...that is not realistic. A few years ago I stopped doing all the yo-yo dieting, fad following, body hating thing that is so common for us to fall into. Also, why is it so easy to be so hard on ourselves?! Countless times I stared into the mirror and cried. Countless times I compared myself to all the women in my life, why did she have a better butt? better hair? better laugh? It was EXHAUSTING. Through lots of personal development, I have shaken that mindset and those crazy fad diets that always encouraged the unwarranted comparisons. I started following a new lifestyle that teaches me healthy habits, allows me to still enjoy the best things in life (like donuts and wine), and offers me a path that works for my body, mind, and soul. I love this lifestyle that my husband and I have embarked on, however that doesn't mean we don't fall off....aka I am starting over AGAIN.

In the past I would have been so hard on myself, gained 15 pounds, been uncomfortable, and started a new thing only to quit after 2 weeks to find myself in the same place I was when I started. BUT NOT TODAY. I know the keys to this healthy lifestyle. I know that I am 100x a better/nicer/kinder Dani when I workout and meditate, so guess what your girl does everyday (for the past two weeks and the rest of the summer)?! Yupp, I workout and meditate. Do I always love it? NOPE. But I love how to affects the rest of my day and who doesn't want to feel great in their clothes! I also know that just working out won't help my body if I eat all the chips, breads, etc. So, I strive to follow my meal plan, eating what I want (within reason) in the correct portions. This is my plan, because I know it works for me. For two years I have been able to lose weight, keep it off, gain a few pounds back when I am off the wagon, but always pull it back together.

I am so excited to be starting over again. I am making a commitment to myself to workout each day, yes my current trainer and I only workout 4 times a week together. But on my off days I like to indulge in a nice jog, a walk with Ditka, or a class at a local studio to keep me on the right path and let my body heal with movement. Making goals for the summer helps keep me accountable to myself and my team. And just because I have to start over doesn't mean I was doing bad, I just know I need to PIVOT and redirect my energies to the lifestyle that fuels my body, mind, and soul.

So cheers to re-starting and to a wonderfully active summer!


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